Liquid Gas UK Membership

BNRG Smart are proud to be one of the founding members of Liquid Gas UK (formerly UKLPG) which is the trade association of the LPG industry in the UK

Liquid Gas UK is the trade association for the LP Gas industry in the UK, and the one voice representing companies who are producers, distributors, equipment and service providers, and vehicle converters. It is dedicated to the safe and effective development of LP Gas and takes a leading role in the consultation and negotiation with legislators and policy makers.

The aims of Liquid Gas UK are to:

  • Promote the safe use of LP Gas
  • Inform and lobby opinion formers and legislators (in the UK, and the EU via the AEGPL)
  • Champion and guard safety and technical standards within the LP Gas industry and provide advice and guidance to members
  • Work with members of the industry and other bodies to ensure the right skills for the industry’s future are recognised and developed
  • Raise the profile of the benefits, good experience and qualities of LP Gas to specific and agreed audiences.